PETRA Statement 2011: A Call for Transparency and Accountability

PETRA Statement 2011
A Call for Transparency and Accountability
  We are deeply concerned about the Nordic Capital Investment (NCI) scheme which is currently being investigated and prosecuted. This scheme has seriously harmed many individuals, families, and organizations, especially in the international church-mission community (CMC). People have lost their life savings, organizations in the international CMC have suffered from questionable personnel practices and ineffective governance, and humanitarian projects have been financed with dubious money. Millions of dollars (the composite in many currencies) have been involved. We believe that in addition to the court cases and media coverage, there is a critical need and responsibility for the international CMC to discuss, investigate, and address the effects of the NCI scheme and related issues that have evolved alongside it.
·         We support the efforts of government investigations, media, and others who have sought to carefully ascertain the facts of this international case. We urge governments in Europe to continue to investigate and as necessary to prosecute those involved in NCI and any related schemes, and the American investigative bodies to do the same.
·         We also support the Professional Review that examined thousands of pages of documentation related to the international CMC and the NCI case. We believe that the Professional Review raises important issues about corporate governance and offers helpful suggestions for individuals and organizations regarding the need for transparency, accountability, and good practice.
·         We recognize that many people have worked diligently to help the investigations and to promote relational and organizational health over the last few years. We support their continued efforts to seek justice for investors, to request independent reviews, to meet openly with international CMC leaders, and to share information broadly about NCI and related matters.
·         We strongly back the formation of an Independent Professional Team (IPT). An IPT would review the data/evidence concerning the NCI scheme as well as the related organizational governance issues/practices. It would encourage the needed forensic accounting for money flows and put a mechanism in place, with due consideration of any court cases by governments and others, whereby money could be fairly returned/recovered for investors.
·         We also strongly encourage Christian leaders of organizations that have been affected to offer their assistance: to get accurately informed, review their responses to date, and to prioritize meeting together with internal and external professional consultants and the IPT for support and accountability. Some of the main organizations include: Youth With A Mission (YWAM), YWAM France/Swiss Romande, Mercy Ships, and Youth For Christ Switzerland; Le Rucher and its Mercy Ministries Associations; churches in France, Holland, Switzerland, and Sweden; and in addition people/projects around the world that have been affected by or benefited from NCI.
·         NCI and related matters have brought serious confusion, disruption, and distrust into the international CMC. Healing in the international CMC will happen only as we walk fully in the light with both God and humans as witnesses: to establish the facts, admit any errors and wrongdoing, share perspectives, and help return/recover money for investors. Our transparency and accountability now will also help prevent similar situations within the international CMC from happening in the future.
The list of signatories is updated regularly on the PETRA People web site.
We encourage you to also sign the PETRA Statement.
To be included, send your name (title/affiliation are optional) to:
Mr. Eric Adams
Writer and Researcher
Fruitful Practices Research Team

Stephen Anderson
International Training Consultant

Pastor Daniel Brill
Cambria Vineyard Church, CA USA

John Duncan
Area Director, Youth For Christ
Europe, Middle-East, and North Africa

Mr. Rand Guebert, MBA
Principle Researcher
NCI Professional Review

Brian Hogan
YWAM's Church Planting Coaches
Author, There's a Sheep in my Bathtub: Birth of a Mongolian Church Planting Movement

Mrs. Elisabeth Hyland
Joint Founder, YWAM-Le Rucher

Mr. Tony Hyland, BDS
Joint Founder of YWAM-Le Rucher

Dr. Todd Johnson
Director of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary

Mr. Hollis C. Lewis, Jr.
Attorney at Law, USA

Rev. Dr. James Longhurst
Senior Pastor
Medway Village Church, Medway, MA USA

Dr. Kelly O'Donnell
CEO, Member Care Associates, Inc

Dr. Michele O'Donnell
COO, Member Care Associates, Inc

Rev. Joseph Paskewich
Senior Pastor            
Calvary Chapel SE Connecticut, USA

Mrs. Marsh Peters

Mr. David Pratten
YWAM Alumnus

Tina L. Quick
Founder, CEO                   
International Family Transitions

Ms. Donna Seymour, MSc.

Ruth E. Van Reken
Consultant for globally mobile families
Co-Author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

William H. Watson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology) and Neurology
University of Rochester Medical Center
Fellow and Past President of the Society for Family Psychology,
Division 43 of the American Psychological Association

Mr. Ron Williams

Dr. Ralph Winestock

Milton Womack, Ed.D.
President, MWA International
Retired Director, Member Care/Wellness, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship