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NCI: The Whole Picture (August-September 2011)

"It's crystal clear the Swedish case is not the whole picture.
It's different people, different victims, and different contexts."
Dr. Todd Johnson, Christianity Today article on NCI, June 2011
These three virtues above are needed to confront corruption.

So what is the "whole picture" regarding NCI? And what are the responsibilities of the "different people, different victims, and different contexts?" How do we in the church-mission community (CMC) and beyond get accurately informed, and act with and call for verifiable transparency/accountability? How do we resolutely pursue good practice for financial integrity as exemplified in the sixth principle of the Granada Covenant which says:

"We commit ourselves to financial integrity. We accept our responsibility as stewards of God’s resources. We will reveal our funding proposals and open our personal financial records to trusted colleagues for their critique. Our corporate financial books will be evaluated by competent accounting firms who can examine our finances and by courageous colleagues who can evaluate our motives and processes as we raise, account for and utilize funds." WEA-MC Granada Covenant 2006

Consider these three suggestions.
Suggestion 1: Get accurately informed, starting with the suggested materials for an overview from the PETRA People web site (reproduced below).

Suggestion 2: Call for verifiable transparency and accountability within your sphere of influence and perhaps beyond--following the example of the 20+ signatories of the PETRA Statement: A Call for Transparency and Accountability

Suggestion 3: Keep going until the "whole picture" is brought into the light. This includes money flows, different involvements, and how people/projects/organisations have been affected. Be prepared to face all kinds of reasons for people not having to get informed, not disclosing, and not doing anything. Be prepared for spin and half-truths. And be prepared to have your motives questioned, your character discredited, and possibly even worse things. 
 How to get a quick overview about NCI
(from the PETRA People web site)
 There are five core documents to orient you to the NCI scheme and what can be done.
2. NCI Summary Information (10 core points---update on the Swedish court case, Feb 2012)
3. Fleecing the Faithful--Again (online article from Christianity Today about the NCI scheme, June 2011, including reader comments)
4. Information and Observations about NCI (some of the investors, roles, and money flows)
5. Suggestions: Going Forward (10 core points)

Note: Also see the money flow docs:

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