Friday, 1 February 2013

Defeating Corruption (Feb-March 2013)

Wake Up!
Nothing Never Happens
The only thing necessary for corruption to flourish
is to do nothing about it—or to do some non-efficacious and non-resolute “thing”
and then move on, often with our consciences placated and our livelihoods protected.
NCI is evil. It is an evil form of corruption that continues to prosper in spite of being publicly exposed in 2007 and in spite of the Swedish court case in 2010-2011 that found it to be a gross, long-standing, international fraud. NCI has prospered because so many of those affected by it (people, projects, and organisations), including those receiving NCI-related money, have either done nothing about it or else have done some non-efficacious and non-resolute “thing” and then moved on.
“[T]here are thousands of pages of court documents now that shed light on the far broader aspects of this international fraud (for a summary, click here). It is time for the many organizations and people, especially in the church and mission community (CMC), to transparently and verifiably disclose how they have been affected. Members of these organizations, donors, and the public are asked to help by respectfully and resolutely calling for the assistance of those affected by NCI. Millions of euros and dollars are still missing.” Shine the Light—Together, petition
 “In light of the Swedish court documents, we are publicly calling for the following organizations to provide assistance by reviewing and disclosing how NCI has affected them. We are also asking them to review how they have responded to the NCI matter thus far. Authorizing independent and internal reviews is strongly encouraged. It is not helpful to simply try to "move on" and leaders and members are urged now to hold their organizations accountable. There is much to learn and many ways to help. We urge organizations affected by NCI to emulate the organizations in the "United Response" to the New Era Scandal: be transparent, accountable, and cooperate to return money.” PETRA Statement 2012: An International Call for integrity and Action [review this Statement and see the entries on this weblog for more information on some of the people and organizations affected]
Transparency International (2012 video)

It's time to wake up. 
Because nothing never happens.
Something always happens when we do nothing.

Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for personal gain. 
It is also the avoidance/rationalization of personal responsibility 
in order to placate one's conscience and/or to protect one's livelihood.

You were formerly darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light. 
And do not participate in the deeds of darkness, but rather unmask them. 
So wake up, and rise from the dead! Ephesians 5: 8, 11,14

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